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UFC Undisputed 2009

Posted by tmoney022 on June 25, 2009


Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans

Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans

MMA is very fast growing and exciting sport.  The release of UFC 2009 was very anticipated by many MMA fans.  I am a huge MMA fan and my favorite fighter is Thiago “Pitbull” Alves.  In UFC 2009 Undisputed  controls can be learned very easily but I highly suggest the tutorial because you will learn something new and it beats reading the instruction booklet.  The game has an extensive roster of your favorite UFC fighters.  Each of the fighters has a striking and grappling technique. There are 3 striking techniques muay thai, boxing, and kickboxing.  Muay Thai is boxing from Thailand and basically, unlike american boxing that uses hands, uses feet, knees, elbows, hands, and head to defeat your opponent.  Unfortunately for us headbutts are illegal in the UFC.  On the game the signature moves of a muay thai fighter are left and right head kicks, powerful right dodge knee standing from clinch range, left and right horizontal elbows from open guard up, strong right and left knees from side control, muay thai clinch where you can manipulate where you move your opponent’s body moves and knee them in the head or body.  Don’t over look the knee to the body because it seriously lowers your opponents stamina giving you the advantage.  Boxing is basically for people who want to pound the other persons face with huge punches and draining combos.  whereas boxing is not as versatile as other striking techniques used correctly it is just as effective.  Boxing features left and right ducking hooks from striking range, left and right uppercut from clinch range, left and right lunging hook from probing range, right and left uppercuts from the single collar clinch, from open guard up and mount up you can destroy your opponent with roundhouse left and right punches.  roundhouse punches are slow and can be countered easily from open guard but when well timed they are deadly especially in mount.  when you use the roundhouse punches in mount you can get a TKO or even rock your opponent when they are covering up.  if you create a boxer chose wrestling as his grappling technique because they seem to go hand and hand.  Finally there is kickboxing which is like the jack of all traits.  if kickboxing is used effectively your opponent will be on there toes at all times.  signature moves for kickboxing are left and right head kick, left and right superman punches from striking range, spinning back fist from probing range, right and left uppercuts from single collar clinch, hammerfist from open guard up, strong knees to body from side control.  the three grappling techniques are wrestling, judo, and brazilian jiu jistsu aka bjj.  wrestling is dangerous from any position featuring big slams, full posture in open guard, and slams to escape submissions, and transitions to mount up wrestling is very good for draining your opponents stamina and inflicting vicious ground and pound.  judo is very flashy but not extremely versatile.  you can do throws from the clinch and escape from mount defense to standing but nothing that really makes it worth while and effective.  BJJ features no throws or slams but has rubber guard good for transitioning to mount and has submission from basically every position on the ground and my favorite the flying armbar from the single collar clinch.  Overall UFC 2009 is a must buy the career mode lasts sevens years but the quest to make a great fighter and get the best sponsors keeps you coming back.  online play is a huge plus to this game even if career mode and an overlooked classic fights mode get boring.  I would suggest this game to any MMA fan.  I can answer any questions you have about this game so just leave comments!


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