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Bryce Harper- 16 year old Prodigy

Posted by tmoney022 on June 25, 2009

nv-harper_2858_01Bryce Harper is a 16 year baseball player in Las Vegas Nevada who is said to be the “LeBron James of baseball.”  Harper is well know for his towering 500 foot home runs.  Even with his great power at the plate Harper is a pitcher and can throw 96 MPH.  He is a good defensive catcher and can score from second on a passed ball.  In this 2009 high school season Harper hit .626 had 14 home runs and 55 RBIs.  Harper and his family feel he is just so good he has to leave high school get his GED and become eligible for the 2010 MLB draft.  If Harper were to become eligible for the draft in 2010 then he would be drafted by the Nationals if the keep the worst record.  Considering the Nats sign both picks Drew Storen, Stephen Strasburg, and still unsigned Aaron Crow along with Harper the Nats may be a force in the NL East.  What do you think is Harper to young or is it not a question of age but skills?


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