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Jailbreaking Ipods

Posted by tmoney022 on June 25, 2009

First I will start with telling you the easiest way to jailbreak your ipod touch. It is quite simple to do. An easy way is just visit quickfreedom and they have easy 5 step process that will have your ipod jailbroken in no time. I suggest restoring your ipod before you jailbreak it but it is not necessary. Once your ipod is jailbroken your ipod has extra two apps on it Cydia and Installer (Installer has very little to download). My favorite thing from cydia is Mobile Theatre, you can download a ton of movies right on your ipod. Next is installous you can download apps but you first have to add the source One app that is just cool is a game boy advanced emulator gpSPhone. download that from cydia add the source and you can download 150 of your favorite gba gamest to your ipod! last is winterboard which allows you to download and apply themes to your ipod that change your wallpaper, slider, app icons, and normally black background behind the app icons. Another thing that is popular, but i’m not a huge fan of, is the download that lets you save youtube videos to your ipod its called MxTube under multimedia. Even though this seems all great your ipod becomes a little slower and its warranty is voided i fell it is well worth it. An easy way to avoid having a slow ipod is clear your internet history, cookies, and cache under the safari settings. Another way is to turn of your ipod often this clears up your ipod so its less likely to crash and runs quicker. If you find yourself fed up with how slow cydia is download icy from cydia its cydia but faster. And if your impatient with your ipod sometimes like myself download CyDelete its under the tweaks category and is a great time saver.


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